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Papa what is an as... assassin?

It is a profession, piccolo. 



You’re Ezio’s girl, aren’t you? You look a bit like him. 8)

/grumbles to himself/ Let’s hope you won’t start acting like him.

I heard papa talk about you a couple of times! You don’t seem as cyni- cynica— /unable to say the word/ You don’t seem as mean as he says!


★ (7) 2 years ago / via piccola-flavia
His name is Altair! He talked with me once, and he seems like someone you know!

Aahh, si si. I am very glad you are getting along with him. /smiles/

★ (1) March 11, 2012
Papa! Papa! I just met a really nice man and I think you should talk with him!

Is that so? What is his name, bambina?

I've decoded the next book for you!

Ah, bene! Grazie. 

★ (1) March 8, 2012
oh hey



Aladdin’s Dad, Cassim, looks like Ezio…


c'mere //hugs

/hugs Daesmohnd/


★ (1) 2 years ago / via yaservitelli
I missed you! /snuggles under his chin

And I missed you, piccolo. How are you?